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SALchemy is a wish to send art into the world that could help us through times of challenge or change, with a desire to live more authentically, or to feel more joy.

In the moment you connect with a SALchemy painting, I believe a unique, new energy is created. It’s a combining of the energies in the painting with something of you. I see this moment of connection and its fresh energy as a potential catalyst for transformation. What you do with it is up to you, but you could see your resonance with the painting as the ignition spark for something new.

I feel this process to be something like alchemy. Because my name is Sally or Sal, I call it SALchemy.

Energetic-resonance painting

My energetic-resonance painting began in 2011 when my mother, herself a great creative spirit, was dying. Sitting beside her, in the Severn Hospice, I made paintings. I realised they were infused not with sadness, but with healing and comforting energy. We kept the paintings around us and they brought strength in a very challenging phase. I felt the paintings to be more than just paint on paper.

Since then, I've made many 'joy experiments' in paint. I've found that the act of painting intuitively and expressively enables me to channel all kinds of different energies into the painting. I believe that when the artwork is finished, these energies remain within it, and can be absorbed, worked with or shared. The artwork in our presence (either in its original form or printed), can potentially act like a kind of energy boost, if we intend it.

The first time I used the word SALchemy to describe my art was in 2015. It has taken a lot of exploration to bring me to this point. You can see more of my past creative journey here (opens in new tab/window).

Some of my SALchemy artworks have especially helpful energies and so, I set specific intentions for the work they could do. I sense, as I make them and in the days after, what these paintings are trying to say or how they want to be used.

I place my paintings in plain sight to remind me who I want to be, reinforce thoughts or feelings I want to have, encourage actions I want to take, strengthen my mental state. My honest belief is that the presence of the paintings can help anyone who feels resonance with the artworks and these ideas, to do the same.

When you buy from the first collection of SALchemy prints, you will receive a link to a letter from me called SALchemy secrets. In it I share three easy ways I work with these prints to help them work for me.

I know not everyone will feel, see or use my artworks as I have described here, and, of course that's OK. They are also artworks in their own right and can stand alone and simply be enjoyed! 


The intense energies of 2020 pushed me to make over 290 paintings, for my COVID-19 Degrees of Separation project, on my iPad. This project started on 15th March as a personal 'mental-health survival' project and I shared it daily on Instagram. The work was part art, part journal, part record, part processing, so there are different painting styles. But, some of the paintings are pure SALchemy. They have helpful energies. They want to be shared.

IPad paintings can exist digitally or as prints.

SALchemy.uk is the way I can offer print versions of some of the paintings, and, I hope, more SALchemy in the future. I'm happy that I've been able to find a carbon-neutral print operation, theprintspace, to save resources by printing and shipping 'on demand' direct to you, and that a tree will be planted in the Andes for each print sold, in partnership with OneTreePlanted.

Thank you for considering SALchemy. Now, more than ever, we all need fresh, uplifting ideas and energies. Your support will help what I can give, to grow.


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SALchemy is a wish to send art into the world that could help us through times of challenge or change, with a desire to live more authentically, or to feel more joy. But, there are many other ways to brighten our lives, and we will each find our own. Whatever path you choose today, I wish you well. SAL