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The SALchemy print on my desk, January 2021

'Held', the print on my desk January 2021 SAL

Hello friends 😊

Thank you for reading my first blog post at SALchemy.uk!

I thought I could share more about the SALchemy prints here. I like to write, and each print has a story to tell. I always feel it's good to know as much as possible about something before I even consider buying it! Maybe you are the same?

The print I'm sharing today is 'Held'. The 8x10 inch version has been on my desk in January and it has supported me every day. I've needed it as a helpful friend.

January 2021 brought up heartfelt memories for me. Usually at this time of year I'm in the Andes on a 150cc motorbike with my fellow adventurer (who rides the bike, I'm the passenger!), a tiny tent and bags of courage. This time last year I was out there, adventuring, feeling free.

Of course now, none of that is possible. There are all kinds of closed borders between me and every aspect of that way of life. I'm not alone in these 'separations', I know; we are all continuing to deal with big challenges and great change. The good news is that I'm resilient, and although I miss my loved ones and the things we used to do together, I can cope as long as I have strategies to employ. One of my practices is to keep a SALchemy print on my desk, in plain sight, to help me centre myself throughout the day.

I painted 'Held' early in the C-19 pandemic, when life structures were falling away and I was in shock. I was leaning on my friends. They were listening to my fears, and holding space for me. And, I was doing the same for them. But, it was springtime in the UK and daffodils were a welcome brightness. The painting emerged by itself, without over-thinking on my part. First the background colours, then the yellow, then the tumbling flowerpot, and finally the figure. The painting seemed to say, No matter how bad things get, you are 'held', and you can 'hold' others too. I knew the painting wanted to be called 'Held'.

Stick figures often appear in my paintings when I am channelling a lot of emotion into the paint. When I look at 'Held', I see it there. It's not a precise painting, but rather it is expressionist in nature. Its raw quality reassures me that it's OK to feel my world is crumbling, dissolving or falling from me. And it reminds that any other human being could be suffering too. I can ask for help. I can give help. We can be there for each other.

Beyond that, also, there is hope in the yellow daffodils, and strength in the stick figure holding them. Spring will come again. Things will get better. The cycles of life always hold us within their sure and loving arms, even when we cannot find the way to believe it. 'Held' has been the perfect painting to support me in January, and it's still on my desk. If you are seeking the feeling of being held and cared for right now, could 'Held' could be the print to accompany you? Or, might it help someone else you love?

I gave 'Held' to a friend for Christmas, and she told me she loved the colours and was planning to buy a throw for her bed to match it. How lovely is that? It made me even keener to celebrate the artwork in a blog post. It's calling to be SEEN, used and enjoyed!

Choose 'Held' ~ feel cared for.

One final thing, on the subject of caring. Shopping for art can be earth friendly. I do my best with the SALchemy prints. Theprintspace print operation is Zero Carbon Footprint; we choose to print on Hahnemühle Bamboo paper; we partner with One Tree Planted to plant a tree in the Andes for each print sold. In fact, I will be buying our first SALchemy trees this week! 🌳

I hope you've enjoyed hearing a bit more about 'Held', the artwork with a gentle, caring energy. It comes in two sizes, one is perfect for desks and the other is poster-sized.

Explore the 8x10 inch print 'Held' in the SALchemy Shop

I wish you a bright new month of February, and a brighter 2021.

Till soon, take care 💛 SAL

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Images: TL, 'Held' in natural daylight, printed on Hahnemühle Bamboo paper, in two sizes with my Apple pencil; TR, 'Held' in use on my desk in an 8x10 inch frame from Dunelm; BL, 16x20 inch 'Held' framed on wall with mount, courtesy of the Artrooms App; mount and frames not supplied.