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New SALchemy print 'Notes'... try them?

SALchemy gift Notes Antidote print

Hello friends 😊

I wonder how you are doing out there as March begins.

In the UK we are still in lockdown, but there are glimmers of hope with the vaccine rollout, and the first blossoms are bursting. February is always a special month for me, because it's my birthday on the 11th. Yet, I'm still separated from people and places, as we all are, which can feel challenging. So, I'm doing my best to focus on what is right in front of me and create more joy in the 'now'. 

I received some lovely presents on my birthday. More than usual, which felt good.

Then, a friend of mine bought the 8x10 inch version of Antidote as a gift for one of her friends, and it got me thinking about how I could make SALchemy prints as gifts feel more special.

I thought, when you buy a SALchemy print for someone else, wouldn't it be great if there was a 'Note' about the print that you could share with them? The receiver might not know about the SALchemy prints and their energies and intentions, so a little context might make the gift feel more meaningful.

I set about designing a prototype Note.

I wanted to include an image of the print, but one that would print out reliably on most home printers and not use too much printer ink. So, I created a digital 'wood stamp' style image, with a colour wash through it, echoing the actual print, and I really like it.

My idea is that when you buy a print you would receive a link to the Note for that print. You can share it, or you can keep it for yourself if the print is for you.

It will take me a little time to work out an automatic mechanism for these Notes downloads. Until it's all up and running...

If you have already bought a print, and would like the Note to accompany it, email me SAL at hello@salchemy.uk and I'll email you your Note 😊

When you buy a new print, I'll email you the Note for your print 😊

Let's try them out together!

Below is an image of what the 'Antidote' print Note will look like, to give you the idea. The real Note will be a PDF for easy sending or printing. I feel this will be a good addition to the experience of buying, giving, receiving and owning a SALchemy print, and I hope you will feel the same.

Meanwhile, I'm not surprised that it was 'Antidote' that nudged the idea of these print 'Notes'. It's an artwork with such uplifting energy. Like spring sunshine. A gentle awakening. Making things better. Every time you look at it. Bringing you closer to where you want to be.

Choose 'Antidote' ~ restore balance.

Explore the 8x10 inch print 'Antidote' in the SALchemy Shop  
Explore the 16x20 inch print 'Antidote' in the SALchemy Shop

I wish you a beautifully bright month of March.

Till soon, take care 💛 SAL

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SALchemy Antidote print Note prototype
Images: TR,16x20 inch 'Antidote' framed on wall with mount, courtesy of the Artrooms App; mount and frames not supplied; BR, 'Antidote' in natural daylight on Hahnemühle Bamboo paper, 8x10 inch.