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My artworks can catalyse a little transformation

Brighten your life

My artworks can encourage shifts in mood

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My artworks can be friends in times of change

Feel accompanied

My artworks can add a dash of magic

Be extraordinary

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I’m SAL and I’m an explorer. Crossing the Andes on the back of a tiny 150cc motorbike (several times!) has taught me that when we dare to adventure into previously unimagined possibilities, we know aliveness.

I make art to catalyse transformation in myself, but also in the viewer who resonates with its energies.  This may sound strange, but the concept isn't new; the Native American Navajo Indians are way ahead of me!*

Which artworks should you choose? Well, here's what I believe: 
the SALchemy artworks that call you are the ones you need.

Prints with special effects, really?

*What the Navajo Indians know

Through years of what I like to call my 'joy experiments' in paint, I came to believe that the presence of an artwork can be healing, when its energetic potential has been consciously intended by its creator. But could it really be?

Then, in summer 2020, I was told by a shaman (Catherine Maguire of the IN-Lightenment School) of the way that Navajo Indians use works of art in healing rituals. The Navajos create sand paintings on the ground to act as portals for healing spirits; a person in need may sit on the painting, so that their energies may be absorbed into it, and they themselves can be healed.

This resonates with my beliefs. A spirit of healing may come in many forms, like a brightening, a sense of strength, a feeling of being understood; even if you put my artworks on your wall and never think of them again, I intend that their kind energies will be present and always there to help you.

The first SALchemy prints

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SALchemy is a wish to send art into the world that could help us through times of challenge or change, with a desire to live more authentically, or to feel more joy. But, there are many other ways to brighten our lives, and we will each find our own. Whichever path you choose today, I wish you well. SAL